Message from MD

India is a Land with 26 amazing World Heritage Sites, 13 Ramsar Sites and 13 Biosphere Reserve. India is Indeed a Paradise !!!!

In addition to its Birds which are 1200 species and Mammals which are 350 species preserved in different regions of the country, India also have over 20,000 species of insects, 2000 species of Butterfly, 142 Species of Frog and over 700 species of fish.

When we talk of wildlife tourism it’s not just watching the animals at certain places but watching the animals prey, play and be what they are. Wildlife tourism is an in hand experience of jungle. Across the world when one counts the Incredible wildlife destinations, India is for sure on top in choices !!

When we say Wild life Tour we are saying; The Roars of lion, the reflexes of cheetah & hoards of Elephants will bring goose bumps to you & our customized packages are meant for that.

When we say “Wildlife Travel” what do we mean:
— Our professionals will make you experience both the natural habitat & wildlife.
— We are not just looking for “customer fun & our revenue”, Our Packages & People work on the ethics of respect towards host & habitat.
— It is this sense of immense dedication towards work, visitor-hosts balance that has made Uday Tours & Travels a force to reckon amongst wildlife tours competitors.

God loved animals and created forest and we help you experience them the best way !!!

Vinay Marwah
Managing Director


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