Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary

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About Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary

A fiat, salt-cracked vast barren desert, hissing sand storms and the majestic Ghudkhar roaming over mirage waters make the little rann of Kachchh a unique and one of the most fascinating wilderness of the world.

The Sanctuary was established in 1973 covering entire little rann and waste lands of bordering five districts with an area of 4953 Sq. KM. The rann was a shallow part of the Gulf of Kachchh earlier. It is formed through the process of siltation of marine estuary. During monsoon, the discharge of river and rain waters together with sea water blown up due to south west winds, the rann becomes a vast shallow sheet of water which dries up by October, November leaving a flat surface to provide super highway for vehicles.


Locally known as ‘Ghud Khar’ was once common in the North-western India. West Pakistan and South Iran. They are now found only in the Rann of Kachchh of Gujarat State. The Wild Ass falls in Family Equide which includes Horses, Zibras and Donkeys.

Indian Wild Ass is one of the sturdiest animals in the world, withstanding scorching midday temperatures unto 45° C or more without any shelter in midst of the desert and facing long periods of drought as well as other calamities with relative ease, where others cannot survive. It has strength and speed of a horse and can run at speeds of 60 to 70 Km/hr. A mature beast stands 120 cms. in height and 210 cms. in length, weighing about 230 kgs. It possesses a shiny white coat with greyish-brown patches and a black or brown hairy stripe in the centre enhancing its beauty. They move about either singly or in herds (10 to 30) in search of fodder and sweet water, resting only in hot afternoon hours. They eat what they get, generally scrubby grass and pods of prosopis. The breeding season is August to October and after a gestation period of 11 Months, Only one young one is delivered which joins the herd in a very short time. The call of wild ass is shriller than that of domestic donkey. The life span is 20 to 25 years.

FACTFILE : Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary

Location of Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary: Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat
Area covered : 4953 sq. km
Main Wildlife Found In Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary : Wild Ass
Best Time To Visit : November to March is the best season to visit the sanctuary.

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